> Glide Free Design has worked solidly to develop and engineer our own unique foiling system for retrofitting to a wide range of sailing dinghies including the Laser, RS Aero, O'pen Bic, Devoti Zero and Melges 14. Our foils are manufactured entirely in Australia under our own strict control, from locally produced components and materials. Our high quality foils are distributed globally, direct from our factory in Sydney.

 > We believe that learning to use our Glide Free Foils on dinghies requires perseverance, akin to learning to sailboard, and as such requires local promotion, support and training to produce the best results for our customers. For this reason we have appointed local distributors who stock, sell, service and support our product. We recommend that you purchase from our distributors in your local area, where you can get the local support you require. Please refer to our approved distributor and dealer list below, with links to their website, where you can order our product for local delivery.  Enquiries:   Contact us!       

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 > Switzerland - Laser Centre Switzerland    
Laser Center Switzerland  Contact: Ueli Guggenbuehl  

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Dealers - Laser

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