Glide Free Foiling Laser wins major international award, Yachts & Yachting, 2014 'Dinghy of the Year' !!

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Glide Free Design is pleased to announce that the prestigious international "Yachts & Yachting" magazine has recently awarded "Dinghy of the Year" for 2014 to Glide Free Foils for the Laser sailing dinghy. 

Foiling has taken yet another step closer to mainstream sailing with the launch of a unique foiling kit for the world's most popular Laser sailing dinghy.

Foiling enables a boat’s hull to rise clear of the water with only the foils making contact with the water. Foiling at high speed enables apparent wind sailing which allows boats to travel at speeds in excess of the wind speed.

The Glide Free kit contains everything needed to go foiling on your current Laser dinghy, as well as a custom kit bag. They are easy to fit and remove; no modifications are needed to your existing boat. The foils have automatic control with no need to tweak settings on the water and you can launch in knee deep water.

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The Glide Free foiling kit is the result of six years development by two local Sydney sailors Ian Ward and Peter Stephinson. The process began when Peter challenged Ian to retrofit his foils to Michael Blackburn's Laser from the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

It is exciting times for Glide Free with enquiries coming from sailors all over the world wanting to be the first to try foiling on a Laser and see who can go the fastest. The Glide Free Foils will be available for shipping within Australia, mid January 2014 and available internationally, mid March 2014.

Ian is a well known Moth sailor, pioneering the first centreline foils used on Moth sailing boats in 1999. Peter was recognised in 2004 as one of Australia’s top 100 inventors.

To find out more about this exciting new development and express your interest in learning more about foils go to the website,

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