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Instruction videos
 Original YouTube Video:
 Glide Free Foils Video:
 First time foiling Video:
 Foiling Video:                         
 How to: Fit the gear block:   
 How to: Attach the safety clip:
 How to: Attach the rudder:
 How to: Attach the tiller:
 How to: Operate the rudder:
 How to: Attach the rudder lifting foil:
 How to: Insert the tiller:
 How to: Lock the rudder down:   
 How to: Set the rudder trim:
 How to: Attach the centreboard lifting foil:
 How to: Insert the centreboard:   
 How to: Engage the centreboard:
 How to: Insert the centrecase:

How to: Insert Toggler bolts on Aero dinghy:  Aero Toggler

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Foiling Aero - YouTube Videos
* Aero easy take off 
* Foiling Aero overtaking Laser
* Overtaking Laser and Aero from chase boat
* RS Aero on foils - buzzing the boat
* RS Aero foiling upwind
* Aero foiling upwind
* Aero upwind
* Aero easy reaching

* Aero foiling past RS100 fleet

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