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First Foiling Moth
First "Dinghy Foiler" 
Worlds first Moth using centreline foils, December 1999.
Dr Ian Ward - Glide Free Design              
...      History
It all began in Grafton NSW when Ian Ward was offered a chance to sail a Hobie trifoiler designed by Greg Ketterman. Incredible performance in a breeze, but how much better would it be if it were much lighter, simpler and even faster!!

He built a similar trifoiler Moth in 1996 and modified it until in 1999, when struck by a magical thought...... What if it were possible to foil on just the centreboard and rudder foil? The benefits of heeling to windward for increased stability and lift and the low drag from fewer foils were immediately obvious, what was not clear was how to make it work and if it was even stable enough to sail.

First Dinghy Foiler - Moth.

Ian built the first foiling Moth to use centreline foils in 1998 and proved that it really could be done in November 1999. Later, John Ilett independently developed his own foiling Moth in Perth, which kicked off the current foiling craze in Moths. 

First Foiling Laser
First foiling Olympic dinghy 
Worlds first foiling bronze medal winning Olympic dinghy December 2009. Dr Ian Ward - Glide Free Design
...   Foiling Challenge
In 2009, Peter Stephinson challenged Ian to put his unique flapless foils on Michael Blackburn's bronze medal winning Olympic dinghy!
Even today, experienced sailors find it hard to believe that it is possible to foil any sailing dinghy other than a Moth … but seeing really is believing!!

At first they met many design challenges, but finally proved it could work in November 2009. It was then decided to design a version which was far more practical than existing foils used in Moths which require launching the boat on its side in deep water.

The new design involved retractable foil, integral wand and strong, robust components.

In 2010, Peter and Ian formed Glide Free Design and began production trials in 2012. They are now ready with the first production model at the end of 2013.

The very latest development in 2017 is adapting the kit to the RS Aero dinghy, which at half the weight of the Laser offers much easier foiling with light air takeoff. The boat is very versatile and provides a new experience for a wide range of sailors.

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