Foiling Aero
Aero 1     Aero 4      Easy reaching in 8kts of wind with the Aero 7 rig
Aero 3  Aero 5  
 Upwind foiling requires balance and skill

Aero 6   Aero 9
Aero 10
Foiling Aero - Taking on a Laser and Aero

Aero videos

* Aero easy take off  *Foiling Aero overtaking Laser *Overtaking Laser and Aero from chase boat *RS Aero on foils - buzzing the boat
*RS Aero foiling upwind *Aero foiling upwind *Aero upwind *Aero easy reaching

Foiling Laser

Foiling at Iluka NSW - 17kts
Shaun Italy Lake Garda
Shaun Priestley foiling on Lake Garda, Italy
Foiling Laser Video
Glide Free Foiling video
Lake Garda
Foiling on Lake Garda - Italy 
Negri Nautica, June 24 2014.
Stokes bay 2
Foiling in the UK.
Stokes Bay, Portsmouth

Peter foiling
Glide Free foiling.
Foiling is fun and easy to get up and going
First Foiling Laser
First foiling Olympic dinghy 
Worlds first foiling Olympic dinghy, December 2009.
Dr Ian Ward - Glide Free Design

Glide Free Foiling Laser Radial
Foiling dinghy

Using a smaller, radial rig

Stokes Bay UK
Stokes Bay, Portsmouth UK
First time out.
Glide Free foiling dinghy in action.
On Sydney harbour - the home of foiling developments.
Seeing really is believeing!!

Mad loop
  Mad Loop, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Lake Geneva
  Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Pearl Harbor
  Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii

UCPA Benodet 2
  UCPA Benodet, France
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